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Pallet Depot has a large inventory of pallets ready to ship. Choose from standard 48” x 40” pallets or custom sizes and choose from hardwood or softwood – based on your needs. We even have recycled export pallets that meet ISPM-15 regulations.

Coming soon: Heat-treated pallets. Stay tuned!

We offer our customers three pallet options:

Pallets ready to ship

Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are our most popular and cost-effective option. These pallets are fully refurbished in order to meet the highest quality standards our customers expect.

Combination Pallets

This is a more customizable combination of both new and recycled materials. These are newly constructed pallets using as much recycled materials as we can along with some new components. These are more cost efficient and a good environmental choice for those who need a different spec or standard but want to save money and feel good about the environment at the same time.

New Pallets

Industry standard or customized pallets made from new wood material.

Recovery and Disposal

Wondering what to do with all those broken and unusable pallets you have lying around? Don’t just throw them away. Send them to us for repair or recycling! If we can’t turn them back into a pallet, we turn them into black or natural wood mulch for industrial or commercial landscaping, large trail projects and more. We purchase old pallets for these purposes.
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When you don’t need your entire pallet inventory on hand, or if you are looking for a place to repair your pallets, our 350,000-sq.-ft. warehouse means we can store your pallets for as long as you need after repair or during your off-season.
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