Pallet Depot has been serving the needs of our clients across Atlantic Canada and the world since 1980. Based in the Scoudouc Industrial Park, just 10 minutes from the international transportation hub of Greater Moncton, New Brunswick, a critical link to the international trade corridor between the Port of Halifax and New England, we employ approximately 50 people in the manufacturing, repair and recycling of pallets, an essential part of the worldwide supply chain. Our pallets can be found in virtually every country on the globe.

Pallet Depot is a proud member of the Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton.

Pallet offerings

We have a large inventory of pallets ready to ship. Choose from standard 48” x 40” pallets (or custom sizes) in hardwood or softwood, based on your needs.

We are certified by CFIA to offer export pallets that meet the ISPM-15 regulation. We even have recycled export pallets that meet ISPM-15 regulations.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our customers to find the best pallet solution for them.

We also certify for export in both standard and custom sizes.

Our team

For our valued team of employees, we pay above-average wages with production bonuses and other benefits, including health care. Click HERE to check out our current employment opportunities.

Committed to environmental excellence

We are committed to environmental excellence and work to ensure that waste is kept to a minimum. All materials are reused, recycled or repurposed in order to reduce our environmental footprint whenever possible.

Because we are the largest repairer and recycler of wood pallets in Atlantic Canada, as such we believe we must take a leadership role in reducing waste in our industry. We have invested in the latest technology and pioneered the use of recycled pallet components in the repair process as well as the construction of new pallets with recycled pallet components.

As well, we accept old pallets for repair and redistribution or for recycling into mulch and biofuel. We are always seeking used pallets and are prepared to pay for any unusable pallets. Create an additional revenue source for your business by selling your surplus or unwanted pallets for recycling, rebuilding or repurposing. Please contact mike@thepalletdepot.ca for details.

For more on our environmental efforts, click HERE

Innovation, Automation and Sustainability

Responding to the marketplace increased demand for pallets, Pallet Depot has undertaken recent innovations providing a more streamlined, efficient and eco-conscious operation. Facility expansions and upgrades, along with additional loading doors, have enabled Pallet Depot to improve efficiencies and provide faster more efficient deliveries to customers.

The manufacturing industry is not new to robotics and automation. Consequently, production has increased and with that the need for ever-increasing numbers of pallets.

  • To be proactive and to remain competitive and sustainable, Pallet Depot has automated over the past few years with the installation and integration of:
  • automated paint line
  • automated pallet repair line
  • wood grinding equipment
  • robotic pallet dismantling system
  • automated nailing machine
  • automated nail roller
  • on-site grinders.

Going forward with the growth curve in the pallet industry, combined with the substantial increases in customer demand for refurbished recycled pallets, Pallet Depot will continue to integrate automated systems into the business model to meet this marketplace challenge.

In the arena of environmental stewardship, Pallet Depot remains in the forefront. The reusable components of dismantled pallets are maximized and utilized in the production of refurbished marketable pallets. Components identified as not useable are ground and processed into commercial and landscape mulch and biofuel. Environmental stewardship is a critical driving force toward automation. The more pallets that can be reused, repaired and recycled, the fewer pallets that will be sent to landfill, which in turn equates to long-term sustainability.

Innovation, automation and sustainability will remain a critical component of Pallet Depot culture. This will ensure continued customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality pallets at the most reasonable price possible

Robotic pallet dismantling system

Automatic pallet nailing machine


Pallet Depot believes in giving back and supports a number of community organizations. We sponsor various charities, minor sports, school fundraisers and community-based not-for-profits. In some cases, this is a direct financial contribution. We also provide sponsorship and board participation by management.

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